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Why you should be on the electoral register
Why you should be on the electoral register Canterbury City Council | Tuesday 17 November

More than 7,000 people who have not yet completed their ‘invitation to register’ form are currently missing out on the right to vote – and could be denied credit or a mortgage.

Anybody who has not filled in this form, which requires a date of birth and National Insurance (NI) number, will not appear on the electoral register and will not be able to vote. Should the forthcoming referendum on Europe be called at short notice, many of these people would miss out on having their say.

In addition, not being on the electoral register can affect an individual’s ability to get a mortgage, credit card, loan or mobile phone.

Anyone who has not completed their ‘invitation to register’ formshould do so online or call the council’s Elections team on 01227 862007, having their NI number handy.

The aim is to get as many people registered as possible by 1 December 2015. The total electorate figure for the Canterbury district on that date will be used by the Boundary Commission as the starting point for drawing the new Parliamentary constituency boundaries.

Electoral Registration Officer Colin Carmichael said: “There’s a lot going on in the world of electoral registration at the moment, with elections taking place next year, the potential for a referendum and the parliamentary boundary review. It’s therefore very important we get as many people as possible on the register.

“I would urge anyone who has not yet registered to do so as soon as possible, and to contact our Elections team if they have any concerns so that we can help.”

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